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About Us

We are above all PC Users and Gamers ourselves and our CEO Jon has been an I.T. professional since he qualified in 1989. He was around computers when they took up a room on their own, were text-based and the internet was but an infant. Needless to say, he has experience with a vast range electronic devices, problems and work-arounds.

As a company we are passionate about the need for top quality PC support at a reasonable price and believe that in New Zealand today the little guy is often at risk of being forgotten and subsequently over charged for this service

We understand that what you want is the best performance possible from your current computer hardware, and when you have problems a fast efficient response from whoever you choose to repair it. As well as this we believe what is equally as necessary is an honest evaluation of the relative merits of repairing you current hardware as against substantial upgrade or even whether purchasing new would be the most effective solution to your problem, but always being guided by customer requirements.

We are also commited to a level of free telephone support to help you through the challenges you face while working on your computer. We are good listeners and don't talk technospeak- plain simple language at all times is our aim and if we don't, achieve this, we are more than happy to explain what we mean so that you can implement our advice immediately and carry on with your work with the minimum of delay.

The computer services we offer are very diverse. There is very little we cannot do!

Contact PC Harry on 021414954 or email us.

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